Classes 2019-2020

The registration fee is $25 per family.  A registration form can be emailed to you, just send a message using the form on the Contact Us page of this website.

Classes Start August 26th 2019 and go through May 14th 2020.  Our Spring Recital will be May 16th at 7:00pm 


4:00-4:45     Tir Na Nog  4-5 years

5:30-6:30     Beginner I/II 8-11 years


4:00-5:00     Tir Na Nog  5-7 years

5:30-6:30     Beginner Hard Shoe  8-11 years


4:45-5:15     Tir Na Nog 3-4 years

6:00-7:00     Teen/Adult Soft Shoe (all levels)*

7:00-8:00     Teen/Adult Hard Shoe (all levels)*

*Class will be held in the upper level room at RISE, 3937 E 240 N Rigby


4:00-5:00     Beginner I/Beginner II 8-11 years

5:30-6:30     Beginner Hard Shoe 8-11 years


30 Minute Class $25/month or $225/year

45 Minute Class $35/month or $315/year

60 Minute Class $45/month or $405/year

120 Minute Class $60/month or $540/year

**Monthly tuition is level pay and includes recital fee ($15) and recital costume fee (see below)

30 Minute Class costume fee $55 (part of annual tuition)

45 Minute Class costume fee $65 (part of annual tuition)

60 Minute Class costume fee $75 (part of annual tuition)

120 Minute Class costume fee $75 (part of annual tuition)

Important Dates

August 26, 2019: Classes Start

September 2, 2019: No class, Labor Day

October 31, 2019: No class, Halloween

November 25-29, 2019: No class, Thanksgiving Break

December 7, 2019: School Ceili Day (as a make up class for the week of December 9-12). Times to be announced in monthly newsletter.

December 9, 2019-January 3, 2020: No class, Christmas Break. My dance exam is in Glasgow, Scotland December 12-14th so Christmas Break starts early this year.

January 6, 2020: Classes resume

March 7, 2020: School Feis

May 16, 2020: Spring Recital 7:00pm Rigby Middle School