Students are required to wear the following

-Black bottoms.  Short, skirts and pants are allowed.  If wearing pants they cannot be loose as the line of the leg cannot be seen.

-Ghillies for the girls and split soled jazz shoes for the boys.  Those in the Hard Shoe classes will also be required to have hard shoes.

-Hair needs to be pulled back from the face (those who come to class with loose hair around the face will be required to pull it back before participating)

Ghillies and hard shoes are listed in European sizes so keep that in mind when ordering.  Shoes can be ordered from your preferred store.  Some distributors are

-Dance Irish ( contact teacher for a 10% discount code

-Corrs Irish Shoes (

-Rutherford Products (

-Fays Irish Dancing Shoes (


All students will be required to have the school uniform.  This will be purchased through the studio.  If the costume is outgrown or you will not be continuing classes the costume can be sold to another dancer

-Students 3-11 years $25 (girls: skirt and headpiece, boys: vest and tie)

-Students 12+ years $35 (girls: skirt and headpiece, boys: vest and tie)

Girls will need to purchase separately white poodle socks (3-11 years) or black tights (12+ years), black kick pants, and a long black sleeved leotard with a rounded neck.

Boys will need to purchase separately black dress socks, black dress pants, and a black dress shirt